Salt Lake City, UT Scrap Metal Recycling

Utah Metal Works Inc

Utah Metal Work is a family owned and operated company that provides scrap metal recycling services in the area of Salt Lake City, UT. Owned and operated by the Lewon family since 1955, our company has established itself as highly competitive broker and processor of scrap metal recycling. Today, UMW processes over 12,000 tons of non-ferrous metals annually.

scrap metal recycling - Salt Lake City, UT - Utah Metal Works Inc

We Recycle:

  • Post consumer and household scrap
  • Industrial  and manufacturing scrap
  • Machine shop and fabrication scrap
  • Aircraft and high temperature alloy scrap
  • Electricians and plumber scap
  • Automobile and dismantler scrap
  • Demolition scrap

UMW provides competitive pricing. We also provide industrial pick-up within 48 hours of notification, a wide variety of containers, and a convenient location for a scrap drop-off.

Call Utah Metal Work at 866-364-5679.
You can also call us at two locations Provo, UT: 801-669-9115 or Ogden, UT: 801-781-2340.

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Hours of Business:

Monday-Friday: 8am-4:30pm


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